Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Recording Some Kind Of Blues, Intro

The songs on Some Kind Of Blues were recorded in a
variety of methods and places.

A few were done in recording studios.  They are either
live band recordings or mostly live with few overdubs.

Most of the songs were recorded in my home studio
on my computer.  I interface to the computer through
an ART Tube preamp and an MAudio Delta 1010LT

My main instruments are Fender Strats, a Guild
mahogany D-25, a Taylor acoustic, a '68 Fender
Telecaster bass, an Alesis QS8.1 synthesizer,
and a Fender Hotrod Deluxe guitar amp.

My recording software is Ableton Live with Ozone 3
as the mastering plugin.
On all the songs, I used Ableton to create a 48KHz mix
which was then mastered to 44.1KHz for CD with Ozone.

Some Kind Of Blues is a labor of love, the result of many
years of work, and an attempt to get as good a recording
as possible of each of the songs with limited resources. 

It has garnered favorable reviews and fans all over the world.

You can listen to the songs, watch videos, and
get a free download at my web site,

Some Kind of Blues
Pat Carr

All songs by Patrick W. Carr
Tracks 1, 13 recorded at Colorado Sound:  Pat Carr - guitar, vocals; 

       Terry Gilbert - guitar, backing vocals;  Al Gilbert - bass;  Leo Marshall - drums;  Gary McNear - keyboards;  Mary McCrimmon - backing vocals;  Billy Warren - sax
Track 2 recorded at Blue Metro Productions:  Pat Carr - guitar, vocals;

       Terry Gilbert - guitar, bass;  Leo Marshall - drums
Tracks 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11 recorded at Carr Tunes:  Pat Carr - all instruments and vocals
Tracks 4, 8  recorded at Carr Tunes:  Pat Carr - all instruments and vocals;  Audree Rundell - backing vocals
Track 12 recorded at Sundown Sound:  Pat Carr - guitar, vocal;  Terry Gilbert - lead guitar;  Al Gilbert - bass;  Leo Marshall - drums

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