Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Recording Some Kind Of Blues, track 2 Bad Habit

Bad Habit is a basement tape.
Terry Gilbert recorded it on 4-track tape in his basement
where we used to rehearse as Blue Metro.
We built it track by track using a scratch drum track to lay down
the vocals and rhythm guitars.  Terry played the bass track,
Leo played the drum track, then we added the lead guitars.
Terry's lead guitar solo is the one after the third verse.

I recorded a stereo mix from DAT to my computer. 
I removed the noise from the audio file and restored the gain
to a section of it.  Then I used Ableton Live and Ozone to master it.

I also made an edited for radio version of Bad Habit and a new
version with the compression removed from the original 48KHz mix,
similar to the operation I performed on Evil Evil.  The result is a song
file that is not quite as loud, but has more dynamic range.

Listen at PWCarr Music

Bad Habit by Patrick W. Carr
Pat Carr - lead and rhythm guitars, vocals;
Terry Gilbert - rhythm and lead guitars, bass;
Leo Marshall - drums

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