Thursday, April 24, 2014

Recording Some Kind Of Blues, track 1 Evil Evil

Evil Evil was recorded at Colorado Sound recording studio.
It is a live recording of the band Blue Metro.  Only the vocals,
lead guitar, and sax solo are overdubbed.

A stereo mix was transferred from tape to Digital Audio Tape,
and from DAT to my computer.  I used some audio manipulation
software to sample and remove the noise and tape hiss from the
stereo mix. Then I brought it into my recording program for mastering.

Later on, I made a shorter version of Evil Evil to make it a little more
radio friendly.  The original is over 5 minutes, and the edited version
is about 3 and a half minutes.

In 2013 I released a newly mastered version of Evil Evil - radio edit
based on some feedback from an audio engineer.  I removed the
compression from the mix and reduced the loudness maximizer on
the master.  The result is a song file that is not quite as loud,
but has more dynamic range.

Listen at PWCarr Music

Evil Evil by Patrick W. Carr
Pat Carr - guitar, vocals; Terry Gilbert - guitar, backing vocals; 
Al Gilbert - bass;  Leo Marshall - drums;  Gary McNear - keyboards;
Mary McCrimmon - backing vocals;  Billy Warren - sax

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